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Go Stetsa!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

What can you say about Stetsasonic. Formed in 1979, Stetsa are possibly one of the most important and influential Hip Hop groups in the history of the artform. Here are 6 unreleased, unheard and unleaked joints from 1991-1994. The title track “People in the Neighborhood” is a retort to the sanitised world of Sesame Street, dropping realism and social commentary on the state of NY. The song is typical of their enlightened and critical outlook, melding comedy with healthy dollops of satire. Stesasonic did it like no one else, which makes Herring very proud to present this vinyl-only project of UTTER DOPENESS…


Check this interview with Stetsa’s Daddy-O:

What are your earliest memories of the culture?

Listening to a Flash tape and wanting to do what I heard on that tape.

Where did you grow up?

Brooklyn NY, East New York specifically, 928 Belmont between Fountain & Crystal.

How did you cats connect originally?

Delite and I were friends, Frukwan and Wise were introduced to us by Kevin Shockalock Porter, DBC by way of his brother Dawud, and Prince Paul from seeing him at a block party.

How did you know Delite?

We met in Brooklyn, having similar interests in knowledge and religion.

What was your very first set-up?

Turntables and a tape deck in my apt on Lincoln place in BK.

Who did you learn sampling from?

Marley Marl we (Stetsasonic) went to his apt in Queensbridge and saw him use a drum sampler for the Dimples D record

Tell us about the songs on the ep:

Funk Around: Stets’ fascination with funk, almost Suzy pt 2!

Big Up/ Straight up Bragging rights.

Strawberry Letter: We had access to the original Brothers Johnson masters/tracks.

Check The Style: Mic passing at its best.

People in the Neighborhood: Sesame Street from Brooklyn

Give It To Me/ listen to Wise’s verse

Any recollections about the recording process??

Same as always, we were all there, arguing until it was right and to our collective liking.

Why did the group disband?

We didn’t. We went on to do other things with the promise of working together whenever we see fit.

Any other info you want to add for the olds fans and the new?fans?

Look out for new Stetsasonic including an unprecedented 4 albums this year by Daddy-O

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