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OK this one is majestic!! 


A sick 10 track EP of material from Zimbabwe Legit's 2007 album House of Stone including a few instrumentals and extras, handpicked by myself for the heads. Cats will know ZL from their 1996 DJ Shadow mixed Mo Wax release 'Doin' Damage In My Native Language'. The original release dropped in 1991 on Hollywood Basic [Organized Konfusion!] and ZL are often touted as the first African hip hop act to get a US release.


This slept on project from 2007 only had a CD release and was fairly low key at the time. It is mostly produced by Raw Produce's Cadence [R.I.P.]. Little story for you. I was in Beat Street [Fulton Mall, BK] at the time of one of their massive sales. I found one of the Raw Produce EPs there for 10c a pop. I copped about 30 or 40 [!!!]. Flipped em on the bay and a few years later I was digitally accosted by Seth [Cadence] on the DWG Forum. He was like "Did you bootleg my record!!" etc etc. I explained where I got them and after a little back n forth we squashed the beef and agreed to work on something in the future.  Shortly after he passed and shortly after that I hooked up with producer DJ Quazar from New England Hip Hop Massive and released the grail which included Seth's first ever recording from 1992. And here we are now...


The features on this one are massive: Mike G from the Jungle Brothers, Mad Skillz, from Dead Prez, YZ, Prince Po, Breeze Evahflowin, Apani, Emskee and Cadence himself. Beautiful, conscious, jazz infused vibes from the motherland. Stupendous stuff!!!


Big shout out to my man in Canada Gee Roc for putting Dumi [from ZL] onto Herring to make this one happen. Props to all involved!!



300 copies in large full colour sticker jacket 

Black Wax Only






Zimbabwe Legit - House of Stone EP (Vinyl)

  • Tracks:

    A1 Where I'm At ft. Mike G of the Jungle Brothers [Original Album Version]
    A2 Take Back The Mic ft. Apani, Breeze Evaflowin' & Cadence [Cadence Mix]
    A3 No Mercy ft. Skillz & The Last Eighth (Remix)
    A4 Evil That Men Do ft. Prince Po &
    A5 Great Mindz ft. Mike G of the Jungle Brothers & YZ [80-M Remix] 

    B1 Vicious Cycle (a.k.a. The Struggle) ft. Emskee & YZ
    B2 Where I'm At ft. Mike G of the Jungle Brothers [Moar Remix]
    B3 Where I'm At ft. Mike G of the Jungle Brothers  (Original Album Version Inst)
    B4 Evil That Men Do Inst 
    B5 Take Back The Mic [Cadence Mix] Inst

    A1, A2, A4, B3 & B5 produced by Cadence.
    A3, B1 & B4 produced by Saint. 
    A5 produced by 80-M
    B2 produced by Moar




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