If you never heard the line “It’s the Yaggfu Front, freakin’ all the stunts, steppin’ with the loot and hittin’ the blunts” then you weren’t checkin’ for hip hop music in the 90’s. That ‘Busted Loop’ 12″ and the b-side ‘Slappin’ Suckas Silly [Remix]’ was in most hip hop dj’s selections. A dance floor sureshot with the aside and it’s instrumental, plus a rugged downtempo heater with classic quotableS on the flip – what more could you want? The album, which I consider to be a classic, was jammed full of some of the nicest breaks and beats used during that period. There were many slept-on album tracks, as the single vinyl EU pressing [the only non-promo vinyl version] was a classic 90’s single vinyl album [low volume] pressing! Even though the vinyl was a bit of a wash out, the album made 200,000 sales – which in anyone’s book should be considered a glowing success. What we have here for your listening pleasure, are a bunch of joints from 1991 up until the later stuff in 2001 that never got a proper release at the time. Eight tracks can be found on the now out of press cd compilation from 2002 and two, which would’ve been on the debut [and only] Yaggfu album, are here in all their glory for the very first time. This selection goes a long way to proving that the Yaggfu Front should’ve been a MUCH “bigger” group than history will most likely tell, and for me, they are dope AF. Enjoy!!!

Yaggfu Front – The Secret Tapes [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 Roll Wit The Yaggfu
    A2 Plastic Fantastic
    A3 Walk Around Town Aka Thinking Caps
    A4 Fling-A-Ling Style
    A5 Jump On It

    B1 Future Shock
    B2 Hard Headed Ni##az
    B3 Listen Feat. Esau The Anti Emcee

    All tracks produced by Yaggfu Front except B3 which is produced by Phatboy with additional production by Yaggfu Front.