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Oh shhhhi – what we have here is a 14 track compilation of early Veks joints previously only available on small run cdrs. If you don’t already know him, Veks is the talented Californian MC from Last Jazz Club and Da Neighborhood Kidz . Well worth a listen if you dig that underground steez.

Veks – Anthology LP [VINYL]

SKU: 24152
  • Tracks:

    A1 Lost In Paradise feat. Self The Bluest Eye
    A2 Hip Hop Dreams
    A3 First Class feat. Found
    A4 Gods Presence feat. Nomadic
    A5 One Day
    A6 What Is This feat. Found
    A7 Take It Away

    B1 Funny Bizness
    B2 Master Plan
    B3 Locked & Loaded
    B4 Peekin’ Out The Window feat. Self The Bluest Eye
    B5 Mics For Life feat. Storykid
    B6 Fallin’ In Love
    B7 It’s Like That

    A1, A4, A7, B1, B2, B4 & B7 produced by Inna Attic Crookz.
    A2 prod. by Esco. A3, A5, B5 & B6 prod. by Veks.
    A6 prod. by Dan Morze. B3 prod. by Herring Franky.




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