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This dope Philly project goes back to the group mMOMENTUMm, who dropped a single on Libra Records in 1994 called “Chaotic Frequency”. Two of the three member, Cas and J-Rock started to explore other options after the group split. J-Rock enrolled in the Art Institute of Philadelphia where he met a dude from Chambersburg called Jeff [vague, I know].


Long story short, Jeff’s “peeps” gave J some loot to open up a studio [read into that what you will]. Cas and J-Rock found a spot on the famous South Street in Philly at 818 South St in the basement and they called it Renaissance Sound Studio. Up until that point Cas only rapped but he took that opportunity to learn how to make beats and he also reconnected with his boy DJ Sat One who had a retail clothing store off 4th & South Street called “Funkadelphia”. South Street at the time was the central meeting spot for a lot of underground MC’s in Philly. So the boys took advantage of their location and started recording with a bunch of the cats who used to hang around that area. “Nasty English” was a Philly-based graf magazine which DJ Sat One and the writer PRAZE started and the fellas incorporated that name into the cassette-only compilation “The Genesis of Nasty English” which was dropped in small numbers and sold locally in stores as well as by hand. We have taken 7 tracks which featured on that tape from the original masters and one from the tape itself [it was a killer, we COULDN’T leave it out!!]. Several years later Cas set up the ReadyRock label putting out the first Chief Kamachi single and works by Maylay Sparks, Baby Blak and KMD. Cas grew up in South Philly in the Penrose section on Lindbergh Blvd. He got into Hip Hop when the school bus one day was playing a tape of Criminal Minded [imagine!]. We hooked up with Cas through Rahsheed/Maylay and that hook up led us to the “Genesis of Nasy English” material. 

Various – Genesis of Nasty English EP [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 Simon Barr – Like Dis Like Dat
    A2 Simon Barr – Emcee
    A3 A.S.C – As Da Record Turns (Tape Version)
    A4 A.S.C – How Low?
    A5 Dece N cAS (Interlude)

    B1 Cas – Sumtin 2 Feed On
    B2 Minda Ova Matter – Chains of Survival
    B3 Chief Kamachi – Shorti Bomb
    B4 Wise feat. Chief Kamachi – Killabreed


    A1 & A2 produced by DJ Sat One. A3 & A4 produced by JRock. A5, B1, B3 & B4 produced by Cas.
    B2 produced by Monda Ova Matter & Cas.
    All tracks produced for ReadyRock Records 1992-1995.
    ReadyRock – Bottom 215

    Art by Swerveone TheFormula





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