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So Joe City aka Third Eye Ent hits me up and says B, hook up with my man Strez, he might have some ish you are looking for. So outta Norfolk, Virginia, this is the Foundation Entertainment EP. Most of these tracks appeared on an extremely rare couple of cds from 97 & 99 as well as one off a demo tape and one unreleased from the House of Reps unreleased stash!!!



Peep this short interview with DJ Strez for some background info:



Where did you grow up?

“I grew up in the Park Place/Villa Heights section of Norfolk Virginia born & raised.”



What are your earliest memories of the culture?

“My earliest moments of the culture are begging my mom to go to the record store to buy The Fatboys first album, LL Cool J “Radio”, Run-D.M.C. “Raising Hell” & Beastie Boys “Licensed To Ill” albums. When I got home that day I played these albums non stop. That’s when I knew I was in love with Hip Hop.”



Who were your fav beatmakers coming up?

“My Favorite Beat Makers/Producers coming up was Marley Marl, Pete Rock, The Bomb Squad, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Diamond D & Joe City (VA Native)”



What was the VA scene like?

“The VA Scene Between 1991-2001 was a great time to be involved with music.A lot of local artists that were coming out started making tapes and selling them at shows or in the clubs.We had so many outlets back then and the major artists were also coming down checking the scene out as well. We definitely had hidden gems as far as talent.”



When did you start making beats?

“I started making beats when I was around 16 years old. I was always fascinated with making music and always wanted to learn. The music that was made between “87-99″ was always mind blowing to me. Once i realized that they were taking loops from old records,sampling and making beats out of them i knew that that is what i wanted to do”



What were your first bits of gear?

“My first bits of gear was a Casio SK-1, a Gemini Sampler Ds-1224, a Korg M1, a Boss DR-5 & a Pair of technics belt drive turntables.”



When did you set up Foundation Ent?

“Foundation Ent was formed around 93-95 through my partner Carlton Barnard and he was also my manager. We met at a mall out here in VA called Military Circle in 1996 and we chopped it up and immediately clicked. It all started and developed when he said he had equipment that wasn’t really being used and i asked him if i could use it and eventually it led to us getting a building for a studio and signing artists.”



How did you hook up with all the mcs?

“Before Foundation Ent, I was in a group with a friend of mine named Stratagee Real which later became an artist on Foundation Ent so we were already connected. Carlton did beats and had the group Coalition & a female artist named Bad News already so we started teaming up and recording music together in the studio. The other artists that were on the roster were mostly
people that we came across that rap and sing.”



Various - Foundation Entertainment EP [CD]

  • Tracks:

    1 Pretty Fella – Things You Do
    2 D Skinner – Da Realest
    3 Foundation Ent. ft Big Yu
    4 Da 4 Horsemen – Josie, Cisco, Billy & Sundance
    5 Jhunippuz – 2000 Complex
    6 Coalition ft. J Black – 360
    7 Stratagee Real – Foreva Real
    8 Jhunippuz – Da Gauntlet (Demo)


    All tracks produced by DJ Strez



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