Tha Third i is a hip hop group comprised of Guidry (MC), Ettikit (dj/producer), and Leeafblower (producer). Ettikit hails from Missouri while Guidry and Leeafblower grew up in Los Angeles, California. Guidry and Ettikit met while attending audio engineering classes in Hollywood, CA. They soon discovered they had a lot in common including their passion for music and decided to team up to make their own brand of  jazz-flavoured Hip Hop. Leeafblower soon entered the picture and Tha Third i was born. They took their time honing their craft and started officially releasing music as Tha Third i in April of 2019. This is their debut official release. Enjoy!!!

Tha Third i – Keys [CD]

  • Tracks:

    1. Pure
    2. Inner Thoughts
    3. Feeling the Vibe
    4. Vibes and Blunts
    5. Body and Soul
    6. Deep in a Dream
    7. Bobby Fischer
    8. Rainy Daze
    9. More than Music
    10. Foggy
    11. Moving Up
    12. That’s All

    Tracks 1,4,5,6,7,10 & 11 produced by Ettikit.
    Tracks 2,3,8,9 & 12 produced by Leeafblower