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So the man like Stranger Danger from North East LA hit me up with a project for me to check and it COMPLETELY blew me away. Ridiculous break selection from drug-fuelled, hedonistic comedy from MC’s Denzer, X-press & Stranger. What a treat this one is. We will have lots to come from Mr Danger in 2018, no doubt …


Some words from Stranger Danger >>

I started producing in the year 2000 and my first beat machine was a Boss sp 505, but I’ve always collected vinyl since as early as the age of five when my parents bought me my first fisher price, toys r us record player. I started freestyling and writing rhymes in 1995, but didn’t actually start recording or mixing until 2001. I formed tha Roach Killaz in 2016 after my younger cousin X-Press told me that him and his homie Denzer wrote and spit iLL rhymes as well. During this time I was recording at a friends studio called The Halfway House where I met a 20 year old Mc and producer named Saker who I took under my wing as my protege to help me with production on the album. In another studio session shortly after meeting, Saker brought his homie named Duer, and thats when the puzzle pieces aligned perfectly and I knew I had somthing special. All of our influences are very similar. If it sounds dope, then it is! Personally my greatest influences growing up were Mf Doom, Kool Keith, Dj Premier, Kutmasta Kurt, Rza, Apakalypse, Necro, and dj’s like Dj Shi’iteand Dj Rob One for always feeding my ears with the dopest selection of Hip Hop in all of their mix tapes. My recording process is simple, I let Mc’s go at it until I hear something that I feel can help them sound better, whether it be vocal fluctuation, vocal tone, cadence, or energy. Too much pride is a no no, it’s all about doing whatever it takes to make the illest records possible. I dig or listen to music from all era’s and over the world. I study music for at least six to eight hours a day, so what keeps me inspired daily is the opportunity to find incredible samples to flip. It’s an obsessive compulsive disposer but therapeutic at the same time. I used to have small intense spurts of creating, but now it’s an all the time thing. I work on three to four albums at the same time constantly and always try to top the album I did last. X-Press, Denzer, and I are all Highland Park natives, (North East Los Angeles). Duer and Saker are originally from the San Gabriel Valley, which is in Los Angeles county as well! – Tha Roach Killaz, Killin Roaches.

Stranger Danger presents Tha Roach Killaz [CD]

  • Tracks:

    1 Rollin Fatties
    2 Roach Killaz feat. Louie Syntax
    3 Bullet Scarz
    4 Step Back feat. Chaotic Logic
    5 Blaze It Up feat. Grizzly AMX
    6 Wack MC’s
    7 Smoked Out Angeleno Nights fat. Vice The Anti-Hero
    8 Reprezent
    9 Raid
    10 In My Shoes feat Monz Army & Dialect
    11 Sling Blades
    12 Talkin Shit feat Renzoe
    13 Sick Of U feat. Hacksaw Raw & Uneek
    14 Once Upon A Time

    All tracks produced by Stranger Danger & Saker-25’s.
    All cuts by DJ Admit1.




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