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Here's the good word from the fellas:


"Stereotype came together as a group in 2008. Made up of Producer/Emcee Frank John James, Mas1 and Braiiinstorm. Sophomore project, "Through the Speaker", is being presented over a decade later from their initial group LP "Instincts of Organisms" released on Echoes Of Oratory in 2013. After many solo and side projects amongst the 3 of them, they've come together with the help of co-producer Stranger Danger and completed another boom bap classic for the heads to bump. Woven together with samples and cuts from Roach the DJ, each member delivers original lyrics and critical views. Enjoy."


And here's the good word from Herring:


"Stunning album with breaks and drums for miles. Real bboy flava on the production, reminiscent of Strng3r Dang3r's earlier materual on the Herring-released "Tha Roach Killaz" record, but with an extra scoop of the jazz. All round a killer record and perfect for a drop on Herring. Had this on constant rotation in the Herring-mobile., now pleased I can share with the fisherfolk."



Check out the crew:



300 copies only - 

Stereotype - Through The Speaker (CD)

  • Tracks:

    1 Out Loud 
    2 Learn your Keep
    3 One Step For Word
    4 Under Siege Feat. Gilead7 & Roughneck Jihad
    5 Get Up to Get Down
    6 Diss Associates
    7 Atoms At Em
    8 Cahoots feat. Roughneck Jihad & The Word Man
    9 Holier than Thou feat. Strang3r Dang3r
    10 Unforeseen Scenes

    1, 4 and 7-9 prod. by Frank John James 

    2, 3, 5, 6 & 10 prod. by Strang3r Dang3r 

    Mixed and Mastered by - Clockwize @ The Mothership
    Additional Engineering by RAWZ @ ILL Remedy Studios 
    All Cuts by - ROACH THE DJ
    Artwork by Tri One & Becs





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