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This one blew my goddam socks off when I heard it. I hit up Rich who I'd been trying to make connect with for years and he sent me this project by a group called Sore Loserz who never released a thing back in the day. Sore Loserz were So Divine - DJ/Producer and Skee The Y-Know [pronounced “wino”] the MC. The project  was produced by the ERBS [later renamed DBC Elements Inc.] which comprised of Rich Blak, Chocolate Tye and So Devine. 


One of my favourite Herring unknowns, this 6 tracker has the feel of a Bushwick project, with Finsta Bundy & Poetikal Thugz on background vocals and production kind of on an Arsonists tip [IMO]. Just a  stunning never leaked, never heard before project from 1994. Heads are gonna love it!!!!







Sore Loserz - Flip Da Script - The 90's Demos EP (CD)

  • Tracks:

    1 Flip Da Script (Loose in Brooklyn)
    2 Endless Flow
    3 So Is My Music
    4 Bring Em Up Dead
    5 Flip Da Script (Loose in Brooklyn) [Remix]
    6 Mr Setback

    Sore Loserz are So Divine and Skee The Y-Know [R.I.P.].
    All tracks recorded 1994 and written by R.Nurse, G.West & S. West.
    All tracks produced by Rich Blak & So Divine for DBC Elements Inc. except Track 2 produced by Chocolate Tye.
    Background vocals Finsta Bundy & Poetikal Thugz.



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