So I upped a short video of  Percee-P’s  ‘Nowhere Near Simple’ joint on Instaglam a while back and the producer, Shazam-X messages me showing love. We get talking and Shazam, we made it happen.  So here we have a dope, 8-tracker, including some extremely hard to find pieces as well as a couple unreleased bangers for your noggin.



For more info on the man like Shazam-X, peep this short interview we did:



Where did you grow up? I know you rep  BK – but what specific neighborhood?


Actually I’m originally from East New York Brooklyn and then later on moved to Harlem NY. When growing up in Harlem I’m originally from 139th & 5th ave. I grew up with and also knew artists like Herb Mcgruff, Big L, Mase, Cam’ron, DJ EZ Rock, Rob Base and plenty other Harlem artists.



What are your earliest recollections of the culture ?


Funny thing is my earliest recollection of hip hop didn’t start in the USA for me, it started in Jamaica WI [edit: where he moved at the age of 5]. I’m also half Jamaican and my first hip hop experience started in Jamaica. Th