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Representing Protect Ya Neck Ent from the early days, we have a Russ Prez producer project on Herring. Russ worked with a bunch of Wu-Affiliate artists including Deadly Venoms, Killarmy and the super-dope KGB. He also produced the much in-demand Lac Rippa aka Lac Tha Rippa – Let’s Get It On 12″ on Mentally Disturbed East West. Russ dug out the 2 tracks from that grail plus 2 unreleased Lac joints, 2 unreleased joints from KGB and a heater from The Massive entitled A L L A H. Indie heads peep it, this is a bangin 7 track EP of 90’s flaaaayyyyva….


Peep this short interview with Russ >>>




Where did you grow up man?

Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City


What are your earliest memories of the culture?

My Earliest Memories go back to the creation of Hip Hop. From the 80’s my friends in the neighborhood bringing home flyers of Kool Herc‘s parties in the Bronx and Cold Crush Brother’s cassette tapes that we listened to over and over.


How did you get into the production game?

Well in 1985 I started out as the lead rapper in a rap group called “Citi Heet”. I was signed to NY Knick’s legend, NBA Hall of Fame player “ Earl “The Pearl” Monroe’s Pretty Pearl Records. I had a song out called “The Saga of Begging Billy”. It was a Dj Red Alert favourite. Earl had me working with multiple producers but I didn’t like the beats they were creating so I learned by watching them and I started creating my own beats. Other rappers questioned who made my beats, once I told them it was me, they started requesting beats from me.


What was your first bit of gear?

My first gear was the Akai 950 Sampler! I used that with one of the first computer production sequencing programs called Voyetra. (Green Screen)


How did you meet KGB and Lac?

KGB and Lac were friends and fellow rappers from My Neighborhood in Brooklyn, Coney Island.


What equipment did you use to make the joints on this project?

I used Akai 950 and MPC 1000.


What’s your relationship with the Wu & Protect Ya Neck Recs?

I was one of the lead producers for all of Protect Ya Neck Records groups when the label was first created by John “MOOK” Gibbons CEO of WuTang Management. I produced MMO, KGB, Deadly Venoms, Killarmy and others. Mook was also from Coney Island.

Russ Prez [KGB & Lac Tha Rippa] – The Producer Project EP [VINYL]

SKU: CHRU55001
  • Tracks:

    A1 Lac Tha Rippa – Another Planet
    A2 Lac Tha Rippa – Neighborhood
    A3 Lac Tha Rippa feat. Scrooge – Lets Get It On
    A4 Lac Tha Rippa feat. Scrooge – Concrete Jungle

    B1 KGB – Shit Is Grim
    B2 The Massive – A L L A H
    B3 KGB – Bewitched


    All tracks produced by Russ Prez.




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