Ness Tee, founder, MC, writer and producer of Rukus started his career in the early days of Hip Hop music. He opened up shows for Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five back in 1980 and continued to rock the mic at concerts from Boston to Cali rolling with his boys Naughty By Nature and The Outlaws. Rukus, which was formed in 1995, also consisted of MC, Barry Pendergrass aka Focus who was the brother-in-law of Eddie Murphy’s brother Vernon Lynch [who also appears on the original Rukus – Come Out 12″ on background vocals]. Ness and Barry used to live on the same street in Montclair, NJ and sharing a mutual interest in the culture from way back, started to record. With some financial help from his family, Ness pressed up the 12″ on his own Insight label and it caught the attention of and was later licensed by a subsid of Casablanca records, Chocolate City Recs. Even though it was pressed twice the record is surprisingly rare. The crew still had the original reels, so when we contacted them about a deal to drop the tracks from the 12″ and limited cassette version and 3 other unreleased tracks on Herring, they transferred them for us. The result is a banging EP of rare NJ flavas from 1994….


Ness Tee would like to send a strong shout out to Gran Quick [R.I.P.], DJ Disc from Jersey and DJ Paul Tee. This record is dedicated to “My Montclair, New Jersey Soldiers”….



Rukus – Unorthodox Styles 1994 EP [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 Come Out
    A2 Burning Bridges
    A3 Unorthodox
    A4 Come Out (Remix)

    B1 Going All Out
    B2 Trickin’
    B3 Brothers in Chains