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Well it's been a while, but we are finally back in Bushwick for the latest installment in the CHBU5H Series. But what happened to CHBU5H09 I hear you say - and that's a very, very good question....hold tight and you will get the answer 1st week of June......


So after years of trying, I finally hooked up with the man like Rich Blak, one time member of Da Beatminerz extended crew.  Rich is that dude, so we hit it off right away and he dug deep into his 90's demos and found this selection of unreleased heaters from the SHU-BOX Studio days.


SHU-BOX studios was located in the basement of Rich's crib around Decatur St & Knickerbocker Ace in the Bushwick [Darkside] section of BK. He recorded a bunch of material down there with local artists in the 90's and this selection of demos heard for the first time here,  is what we present to you as another part of the much-loved CHBU5H series on Herring.


Many heads will know Shadez of Brookyn, but the rest of the acts are pretty obscure. Poetikal Thugz was Rich and Chocolate Tye, both Beatminerz affiliates at the time of these demos. Nothing was ever released by the PT's, until now, that is. Franc P was a local MC who used to hang out with the fellas. N.O.R was a Shadez spin off outfit and KOK/TNA used to work with Rich on demos and nearly signed with Priority.


It's been 9 years since we dropped the last edition of the CHBU5H series [Poops], so I'm buzzin to take heads back on the L train  as we dive deeper into the world famous Bushwick flava that underground headz have been feenin for for nearly 30 years.....







Rich Blak presents the SHU-BOX Demos '93-'97 EP (CD)

  • Tracks:

    1 Poetikal Thugz - Ghetto
    2 Poetikal Thugz - Pressure
    3 Franc P - Point Blank (The Projects)
    4 Shadez of Brooklyn - Friends
    5 N.O.R. - NYC Files
    6 TNA/KOK - The Chase

    All songs produced by Rich Blak except Track 2 prod. by Chocolate Tye & Rich Blak & Track 3 prod. by So Divine & Rich Blak.

    Rich Blak, Chocolate Tye & So  Divine are The Erbs



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