One of the albums of the year, by Ghanaian MC Recognize Ali, is now on vinyl yo!!! Including hardbody features by the likes of Milano Constantine, Skyzoo, Vinnie Paz, Tragedy Khadafi, Chief Kamachi, Trife Diesel and more. This project follows on from the excellent Recognize Ali & Giallo Point ‘Back To Mecca’ album we dropped in April. One of the rising stars of the worldwide underground rap scene, we are proud to present ‘Underground King’ – ENJOY!!!

Recognize Ali – Underground King [CD]

  • Tracks:

    1 60000 Feet Deep
    2 Underground King
    3 Street Corner Caliphs feat. Vinnie Paz
    4 Colombian Marijuana
    5 Chaingunners Feat Lyric Jones & Tristate
    6 Ape Music
    7 Amibitions feat. Skyzoo
    8 Tutankhamun
    9 Siacrio feat. Born Unique & Sully Nomad
    10 Fly Sire
    11 Nicest Alive
    12 Beneath The Underground
    13 Montecristos feat. Milano Constantine
    14 UGK (skit)
    15 Black Cocaine feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Trife Diesel
    16 Worm Food
    17 Underground Kings feat. Chief Kamachi



    Track 1 produced by Jbl The Titan. Track 2 prod. by Twelvebit. Track 3 prod. by Onaje Jordan. Tracks 4, 8 & 10 prod. by Digitale. Track 6 prod. by Frank Grimes. Tracks 7 & 9 prod. by Vago. Track 11 prod. by Junelyfe. Track 13 prod. by Fan Ran. Tracks 5 & 15 prod By K. Sluggah. Track 16 prod. by Big Ghost Ltd. Track 17 prod. by Sultan Mir.
    Cuts on Track 6 by DJ Grouch, on Track 15 by DJ Tray and on Track 17 by DJ TMB.