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So when the Pseudos made contact about their amazing 'Only Built for Food and Drinks' LP, the  original version of the album had a rough track entitled 'Five Years' on it. The joint blew my head clean off. I was like "You got any more joints on that tip?" and they were like "Well we also have 'The Winter' that we've been playing around with." So I suggested an EP of similar material and what did we get? A full album of adaptations of tracks that all of us grew up on. In fact I got brought on board on an executive production tip and we began to go through a selection of tracks to "adapt". The resulting project is one that I'm proud to have
my name on. The last time I exec produced something was Three Sinister Syllables back in 2004 and I believe that this record is a suitable successor to that. 


This record does everything I'm interested in, in the way it covers [no pun] multiple intellectual property rights issues with satire, style and a large dollop of hip hop sauce. I've never heard anything like it and over the last year or so it has become one of my fav projects on the label. Check the snippets - this is a special project y'all....




265 copies on Black Wax


Pseudo Intellectuals - (Pseudo) Intellectual Property Rights LP (Vinyl)

  • Pseudo Intellectuals - (Pseudo) Intellectual Property Rights LP

    A1 Examination of WTF
    A2 Demolition Man
    A3 Bufftown
    A4 Psentimental Mood
    A5 Tons of Samples
    A6 The Selling Ace
    A7 Examination of Why
    A8 The Winter
    A9 Edibles

    B1 Magical Number ft MC Wren
    B2 Sam and June
    B3 Can't Stop The Profit
    B4 The Pillage Clean Demolition Society
    B5 W.I.M.M ft MF June
    B6 Quattro De Mayo
    B7 Para-Cite
    B8 Slaughterhouse - Five Years ft The Fresh Sisters





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