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The flava never ends!! And we're back with another new Pseudo's project and this one is stupid fresh. All the samples are taken from one vintage source for this, possibly their dopest album to date. The artwork, by the excellent Julian Montague (Jazz is Dead) is a pastiche [yeah, I said pastiche!] of the art on the OG label, with even the logo flipped into Herring. 


Cause of the crazy long post-covid lead times we've been sat on this pandora's box of flava for toooo long - but now it's time to share. I've given up on the superlatives with the Pseudos - the stuff just gets better and better. Concept, breaks, drums, art are all top notch, so please enjoy album #4 from the Pseudo/Herring collaboration. 






Pseudo Intellectuals -Command Economy [CD]

  • Tracks:

    1 Command Economy
    2 Waiting
    3 Commandifesto
    4 DEF Interlude
    5 Far Away Places
    6 Big Fish, Small Pond
    7 Intermission
    8 Command Economy Part 2
    9 Shoot The Piano Player
    10 Paradise
    11 ABC Interlude
    12 Aound June 15th
    13 Walkin (Part 2)
    14 Command Reprise
    15 Conclusion: Hurry!





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