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Rap duo Real II Reel aka Phatheadz was formed in 1990 by Ed Gledhill aka Ease and Nick D’Amato aka Nick Nice. The boys grew up in Pennsauken NJ just outside of Philly and met while in high school. They started rapping in their late teens and pressed their first 12 “ in 1990 [2 Def – Soul On A Roll] which featured none other than DJ Royal Rocker from Krown Rulers out of Camden supplying the cuts. Ed was lucky enough [his words] to gain an internship at a studio to learn engineering and that afforded him the time to concentrate on his own production work. Most of the songs back then were recorded onto ADAT. Ed used a Yamaha S-760 for sampling and Roland equipment for beats, sounds and interface for a program called Master Tracks.

They changed the name to Phatheadz shortly after the 12″ dropped because, as they felt, times were changing and the play on numbers in groups titles was getting old [and also maybe because there was a house act called Real II Real?]. They were close with a deal at Ruff House records outta Philly around 1993-1994 but unfortunately it fell through. As with many artists of a certain age, they felt they were getting older and had lives and families and responsibilities and they lost the drive to do it anymore but we are pleased to say they remained friends to this day.


Props to the fellas for letting us do this project and supplying four previously unheard and unreleased heaters. Peep the snippets yo – this is CLASSIC, slept on 93 ish!!!! Special Thanks to Onur  – 1

Phatheadz pka Real II Reel – Flip Off The Vibes EP [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 Flip Off The Vibes
    A2 Puttin’ Headz to Bed
    A3 Let The Words Do The Talkin’

    B1 What Goes Up Must Come Down
    B2 I Get The Papers
    B3 Who’s This

    All tracks written and produced by Phatheadz pka Real II Reel.




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