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Listen to the snippets HERE



It's been way too long since the last Pen Pals x Herring collabo.

In 2016 we dropped the stoopid nyce Made for the Underground LP produced by the Slipmat Brothers [Jazz Spastiks] and now we're back again with an oustanding project produced entirely by Chicago's finest Spectacular Diagnostics. On a far out jazz tip, Dimensions in Dialogue  is a "match made in Mars....a sonic boom bap explosion that'll shoot redhot rocket fuel directly into your veins." Sounds like something....


Peep the snippets people - for me this is the nicest PP's release in a minute and I'm buzzin to have this rap opus on the label - ENJOY YO!!!












Pen Pals & Spectacular Diagnostics - Dimensions of Dialogue (Tape)

SKU: CHCA55011
  • Tracks:

    A1 Intro – Dimensions of Dialogue
    A2 Frame Perfect (feat. Brainorchestra)
    A3 Big Time
    A3 Bottle Rocket
    A5 Rebel Scum
    A6 Uncle Boonmee

    B1 Loaded Dice
    B2 Al Dente
    B3 MySpace (feat. DøøF)
    B4 Room 217 (feat. Curly Castro)
    B5 Screwface (Interlude)
    B6 All Types of Medicines (feat. Alaska)
    B7 Holy Mountain

    All tracks produced by Spectacular Diagnostics


    Peep the snippets HERE

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