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Got a sick one here fellas. 1992 demos from MC Craz [pronounced Craze] and DJ K-Wiz pka Grand Creator K-Wiz. Heads will know K-Wiz from his 1988 album on B-Boy Records with Sparky D. Here we have 6 joints from their demo tape which they were pushing at labels back in 1992. The stuff has the feel of material from like 89-90 with nuff 808 bass sounds and familiar UBB samples. Everything is uptempo and bangs hard. Old school heads will no doubt approve!!!


Shout out to Thomas L Stephansen for the connect and DJ OG-S for originally posting the demo on YT. Props!!





Check this short interview with DJ K-Wiz:



When did you first become aware of the culture?

I grew up in the West Bronx in the 70s not too far from Kool Herc. There were always "jams" going on in the local parks thrown by various DJs and I would try my best to go to each and every one with a couple of my friends.


Did you know anyone, a brother or cousin who exposed you to the park parties?


A few of my older cousins would bring me the mixtapes from the various jams and parties. Of all of the younger cousins, I was basically the only one who was interested so they would always make sure to give me a copy.



What music influenced you as a kid?

My dad is a drummer and Latin percussionist and there was always music in the house. All genres for the most part and as you know Hip Hop started from various forms of music and any song that he played or that came on the radio that had a nice beat, I was attracted to as well.


How did you get into producing? And what was your first bit of gear?


Most producers started off as DJ's and that's how I started. I didn't have my own equipment initially so I would go to a friend's house. Most of my money was spent on DJ equipment and vinyl not recording equipment so I did not get my own until years later.


When did you drop your first recording?


My first recording was in '88 with Sparky. I wrote my own song "Grand Creator K-Wiz the Best in the Biz", "This is Sparky D's world" and "I Can't Stop". Zero credit.


How did the Sparky D LP collabo come about?


I worked for TWA at JFK in the mid 80s where I met a rapper named T.A. Love (RIP). I still have a few of our practices in my house on mp3. I'd go hang out with him in St Albans, Queens (where LL is from. A lot of the neighborhood guys went to school with him). There I met another rapper who joined our crew by the name of Chief KD. KD used to record out of Power Play Studios where the owner Tony Arfi was his producer. KD, still a good friend, took me to the studio and introduced me to Spyder-D who was working and recording there. Of course that led to me meeting Sparky. They were both impressed with my knowledge of music and my DJing skills and that's how that happened.



When/How did you hook up with Craz?

Craz is a friend of my sister and I knew of him but did not know he was a rapper. We hooked up in the chemistry was there.



Were you pushing those demos for a deal? Was there any interest?

We did make the songs basically not realizing that we had something. Our friends pushed us to shop them as the songs and content was better than some of the songs that were out at the time. So we shopped to a few record labels and there was some interest but that to go anywhere. I would say we made about five to six cassettes.














MC Craz & DJ K-Wiz - Ready To Attack: The 1992 Demos EP (CD)

  • Tracks:

    1 Kick It, Wiz & Craz
    2 Ready To Attack
    3 Hit the Road To Stardom
    4 Come With It
    5 Confrontations
    6 Schemers Walk
    7 Say Ho! (CD Bonus)

    All tracks produced by DJ K-Wiz.
    All lyrics by MC Craz.



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