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So, True Force aka Tirrell (Killa Kidz old manager and exec producer) hits me up and says “Bob, I found more DATs!!!”. “No shit?” I said. And then the files started to come. Multiple versions and recordings of unheard and unreleased material from the early days of QB’s dopest undercover crew. Included was the 1995 bomb and first ever group recording “In The Mental”, the title of this excellent follow up to 2013’s “1996-1997 Phenomenon EP” on Chopped Herring. In total we have 7 joints from 1995-1997 off the original studio DAT’s. This is one of those ILL releases where maybe [just maybe] Vol 2 is EVEN doper than Vol 1. You can be the judge. But hurry the eff up – there are only 350 copies pressed. The early bird catches the funky worm, yo!!!!

Killa Kidz – In the Mental -Demos EP [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 This Time
    A2 In The Mental
    A3 Against The Grain
    A4 Da Ill Dream
    B1 No Question
    B2 We Gonna Get It
    B3 Who Write This Song


    All songs produced by Prince A.D. except “Who Write This Song” produced by Ayatollah.
    All songs written by the Killa Kidz. 



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