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I must’ve hit up like 50 cats over 4 or 5 years tryin to find the whereabouts of Eric and Antrion Freeman or David Willaims, from early 1990’s, obscure Philly Hip Hop group, Hip City Swingers. Turns out all i needed to do was ask Glenn @ Morning Star Studios in Philadephia, who had done the Tuff Crew, Von Love & S.L.I.M. Rockwell transfers for Herring – turns out he also engineered and recorded the Hip City jawn back in 1992. God bless the City of Brotherly Love. More DOPE Philly shit soon yo!!


Check this short, yet poignant excerpt, about Hip City Swingers, from group member Eric Freeman >>


How did you guys meet?

“Antrion is my brother and Dave was like family. We grew up in West Philadelphia. My Brother and Dave went to school together where they formed a unique bond. I knew Dave from around the neighborhood baseball team we played on. I was already doing Hip-Hop with the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Cash Money. I was the rapper for the both of them before they made it big! So when Bahre (Antrion ) and Dave began their rise to becoming elite rappers, they came to me and we grouped up and formed Hip City Swingers.

This was 1990. So many memories…We had other material that we never finished up due to the murder of Dave.

We never recovered from that…

This vinyl release is dedicated to Dave Williams.


Hip City Swingers – HCS Invasion EP, including the MUCH sought after Hip Hop Grail “I’m The Man” [with previously unreleased instrumental] which was released on 12″, in very small numbers in 1992, on B-Brothers Platinum Records, an indie label, set up for that release. Also – we have, a previously unreleased HEATER and instrumental, “HCS Invasion”, the title track of this project PLUS one another unreleased instrumental – unfortunately, the vocal version hasn’t survived, damn. The final track was on the original cassette single version and CD only, never on wax, until now.


Transferred from the original reels by our man in Philly, Glenn Barrett. Respect bro.

Hip City Swingers – HCS Invasion EP [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 I’m The Man
    A2 HCS Invasion
    A3 Won’t You Be Mine
    B1 HCS Invasion (Instrumental)
    B2 I’m The Man (Instrumental)
    B3 Bring It On (Instrumental)




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