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Welcome back for the final release of the cycle – some DOPE unreleased/unleaked joints from the vaults of Red Hook Projects’ own Su-Preme. Here we have the 1990-1991 demos by Da Last Future and Sunz of Man MC the artist [now known as] Hell Razah. To get some background on this project and that early 90’s BK flava, read this interview with our man on the boards Su-Preme……


Where did you come up man?

Born and raised in Redhook Projects Brooklyn ,NY


How/where did you meet Razah?

Razah and I both are from Redhook Projects. Razah is the younger brother of one of Redhook’s greatest recording artist / Mc’s Tray Bag. As a kid Razah was always around listening to Tray bag and I making music and performing in Redhooks Coffey park.


What are your earliest memories of the culture?

I been around from the beginning, at a time when there was no such thing as “HIP HOP”. I heard some of the first raps and heard some of the first scratches of a record on a turntable. I’m talking about 1979 King Tim III by The Fatback Band and The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” That was hip hop back then and still is to now!


Who did you learn beat making from?

Back in the day there was no one to really learn from. There was these boxes that had preset drum patterns that dj’s would use at the park jams; that’s where the term “beat box” or “beat machine” comes from. I would get behind the ropes at the jams to see how they used the beat machine..


What was yr first gear?

Casio VLl-tone keyboard and Synsonics drums. I got an after school job when I was 14 and saved up..


When did you first make a beat?

In the late 70’s I got the Casio VL-tone keyboard and started play tunes over the preset beats. I was hooked!! Then Synsonic drums came out, I got that and started making beats. Tray Bag would come over and we would make songs and preform them at the park jams.


So how did you know Tray Bag, from around the way?

We both lived the Redhook but in different buildings. We met in Jr high school. Tray bag was my first MC. I kind of borrowed him from his cousin Vandy C.


Was Vandy C from the neighbourhood too?

Vandy C is from Bedstuy, Roosevelt projects. He had a studio in his room in his mom’s apartment – EVERYONE’S studio was in their bedroom [back then]. He was also a very big radio personality with his “Get busy or Get Lost” Hip Hop radio show on 91.5 which throught the 80’s. He was also Razah’s cousin.


How did you meet Vandy?

Tray Bag took me to meet Vandy at the Medgar Evers college radio station. Then I would go to Vandys place [in Bed Stuy] and watch him make beats. Vandy put Tray Bag on and I just learned by watching and listening.


So Vandy kinda too you under his wing?

Yeah, helped me learn the biz and what equipment to buy.I could call him and ask all kinds of questions about the music biz. Vandy is about 6 years older than me.



Hell Razah -Death To The Head 1990-1991 EP [VINYL]



    A1 How I’m Living
    A2 Rampage
    A3 Unexpected

    B1 Tissue Ass N@#$s%
    B2 Death to the Head feat. 7th Ambassador
    B3 Last Future feat. 7th Ambassador

    All songs produced by Su-Preme for Git Rite Muzic.

    All tracks written by C.Smith except B2 & B3 written by C.Smith & I. Bellido.

    Executive producer A. Wilder.






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