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Hardcore Reps were a three man crew from Far Rockaway, Queens made up of two brothers Damian and Majestic along with beat maker and producer Angelo “A.N.G.” Foukas. They never released a project on their own and just featured on Angelo’s 1996 instrumental album on the only two tracks with vocals. Angelo was introduced to the brothers way back in the early 90’s through a mutual friend.. He played them a few of his instrumentals and the boys were suitably impressed and they made a few demo tapes in 1994 that they passed around local heads. They never pursued a deal and just used the tapes to get some recognition among their peers.  The demo tapes have been in a much demand and only a few have survived. We have five joints from those tapes, remastered from the original studio DATs and three tracks that have never surfaced before. The two joints from that 1996 inst album are on here but slightly different versions. Big up to my man Dougpark for the hook up – Dougpark provided the connect for the excellent Speakeasy demos we dropped a couple years back. And before anyone says it’s Full Proof not Fool Proof, no it isn’t. Enjoy!!

Hardcore Reps – Fool Proof The 90’s Demos EP [CD]

  • Tracks:

    1 Big Timers
    2 Fool Proof
    3 Dead Em
    4 Rip Code
    5 Rip Code [Remix]
    6 The Music
    7 We Raw
    8 Keep It Hot

    All tracks produced by Angelo “A.N.G.” Foukas



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