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Wow this is SOME unheard/unknown/unreleased 90’s project. Mind blowing material, for reel. Following on from our Big Sha EP [1994] from earlier on this year, we have the Food of the Gods aka Zig Zag Zig – That was Then…This Is Now 1992-1996 EP. Incredible material from this QU crew steeped in that 5%-er 90’s flava. Reminiscent of the Zig Zag EPs we dropped [no ish!] this is a must for fanz of big old jazz b-lines and righteous lyric!

Food Of The Gods [Zig Zag Zig] – That Was Then EP [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 How Many Times feat. I Universal Allah

    A2 The Fatal Antidote feat. Artwell Smart & Shabay God Allah

    A3 Lunatic Syndrome feat. Shabay God Allah, I Universal Allah & Shabar Love Allah

    A4 Butter Zone  feat. Artwell Smart & Shabay God Allah

    B1 Brainstorm  feat. Artwell Smart & Shabay God Allah

    B2 Thats Was Then…This Is Now feat. Artwell Smart, Shabay God Allah & I Universal Allah

    B3 Food Of The Gods feat. I Universal Allah, Shabay God Allah,  Shabar love Allah & Artwell Smart.

    B4 Artwell Dialogue feat. Artwell Smart & Mista Sinista

    Food of the Gods [Zig Zag Zig] are Artwell Smart, Father Shabay God Allah, Shabar Love Allah and I Universal Allah.

    All music and beats produced by Artwell Smart. Scratches by Artwell Smart except on A3 & B1 scratches by Mista Sinista.




    Short interview with ZZZ producer Artwell Smart:

    Who are Food of the Gods [ZZZ]?

    Food of the Gods ( Zig Zag Zig). We Are and teach Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding ” Otherwords- Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head. To keep Evil ways away and stay civil ” Knowledge of self” we are all technical lyricists, producer and Dj who were All born and bred Real NY hip hop, me my brother and crew who grew up on the same block since we were kids during the Era when the 5 percent nation is Islam was at a high degree in Queens NY

    When did you start recording?

    We started recording our demos during the mid and late 80s to the early 90s with our studio engineer  Bryan in his recording studio in Astoria Queens NY – we recorded many tracks every weekend and I would compose and create all the beats and tracks on the spot while writing our blueprints.

    Were you pushing a demo back in the days?

    4- We pushed all our demos and had meetings with Atlantic records, Interscope records, Mercury records, Jive records and Elektra records and came close to close to closing a album deal with Elektra records and more..
    The only deal we closed is with Big Sha at Kult records



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