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Up in the crow's nest we have Pseudo  Intellectuals' trusty DJ, the one and the only, DJ Cutler. I had a ball working with Cut on this project. He is truly a fan of the music so he got fully involved in the project . This mix has it all. There are loads of new releases represented so the content is fresh AF and the skills on display are Second II None. Proud to be droppin Volume 7 of the Fly Fishing mix tape series. Let's keep it goin....

Fly Fishing Vol 7 mixed by DJ Cutler [CD]

  • Tracks:

    Side 1
    1. Intro
    2. Napoleon Da Legend ft Toney Boi & Crazy DJ Bazzaro - Buffalo Wings
    3. Ken Masters & BoFaat - What's the Is?
    4. Ex-Cel – Freaking The Funk
    5. Lac Tha Rippa - Let’s Get It On
    6. Kasem the Party Pooper- Spring water
    7. Shifty & Da Ugly Man - Til The AM
    8. Urban Renewal Project & Camp Lo - Don’t Ask Y
    9. Phatheadz - Check the Rhyme
    10. Ill Bill - Run For Your Life
    11. Massive Staff - Chip in my Head
    12. Perverted Dialect - Like It Or Not
    13. Nejma Nefertiti - 5 Element Ninja ft. Napoleon Da Legend
    14. Da Steez Brothaz - Reality ft. Teknical Development
    15. Ill Conscious & Marshtini - Fear Mongering
    16. Spalaney's - Universal Language
    17. Ken Masters & BoFaat - Diamond Inception
    18. Smoky Kun - For My People ft. Del 93
    19. Page the Hand Grenade - A Day in the Life 
    20. Trevor J & Loop.Holes - It’ll All Work Out

    Side 2
    1. Pseudo Intellectuals Mega Mix: Ted Cruz* f/ Third, Charcuterie, Charcuterie (Cutler’s Gabagool Remix), 
    Twenty twenty fun, Lost in the sauce, Zillion Airs (Jazz Spastiks Remix), Pillage Clean Preservation Society
    2. Big Tabb - Hit Man For Hire
    3. Spalaney's- Run Up On Ya
    4. Big Sha - Once Upon a Rhyme
    5. Dooley O - Hit 'Em Off
    6. Landlords of the Morgue - Executioner’s Song
    7. Burgundy Blood - Curtains ft Jehst
    8. Radikal Doodz - Definitely On
    9. Rhythm Blunt Cru - Jeep Thrillz
    10. Rhythm Blunt Cru - Blunted Can’t You Tell
    11. Papa Chuk- Shock Em
    12. Creaturenomics - Nose Bleed In The Bleachers
    13. Bobby Noble & Lars Viola - Bobby’s Lament
    14. Napoleon Da Legend - Condolences


    Mixed by DJ Cutler




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