Straight outta Liverpool UK from 1995, the previously unreleased FULL album from First In Command. We dropped a vinyl EP of some of the joints back in the day but now it’s time for the full ting. Massive UK release that never saw the light of day, in full, for the scouse headz!! Big Up Merv, Dave and my man Paddy @ No Fakin – REEEESPEC’.

First In Command – Pest Control [CD]

  • Tracks

    01 Jazz Records (Intro)
    02 Pest Control
    03 My Next Project
    04 Pieces’n’bits
    05 Fat Fridays
    06 Under Manners
    07 Up Jumps The Devil
    08 First Things First
    09 The Lads (feat D-Fresh and MC Ridge)
    10 Miss Ho (A Good Woman)
    11 Soul Food Fried
    12 True Dare Kiss Command
    13 How Thick Is The Man
    14 Hardrama
    15 Bed Knobs and Broomsticks
    16 Blacknaphobia
    17 Black Comedy
    18 Later!!


    All tracks produced by David (ABYSS) Mensah

    Written and arranged by David (ABYSS) Mensah and Mervyn (2KIND) Lynch. Track 9 written by D-Fresh and MC Ridge.
    All cuts by DJ OlaBean
    Engineerd and Mixed by Dave Harry and Ronnie Stone