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Oh shiiii – monster rarity here – the 1997-1998, previously CDR-only “release”,by dope Canadian crew Bomb Shelta Association. This release follows on from the  excellent Shylow “Please Listen To My Demos” LP from the end of 2017. We were fortunate enough to get access to the original studio DAT files, so this one sounds stoopid nice people. Peep a short interview with Shylow from the crew, to get some background info on this incredible and generally slept-on project…..



Peep the interview:



What are your earliest memories of the culture?


I’d have to say the day I bought my first cassette back in 84, it was a tape called Breakdance by K-Tel. One side had a full rap instructional on how to break by Alex And The City Crew, and the other side had joints like Herbie Hancock Rockit and The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel. Nobody I knew as a kid really listened to music like I did so I was kinda on my own when it came to hunting down information until I’d say around 4th grade. That’s when cats in school started hooking me up with mixtapes and what not. Up until that point it was just whatever I heard on the radio which wasn’t much unfortunately.



Where did u grow up?


No one specific place unfortunately, I moved around a lot as a kid. I guess you could say Durham Region because those are the cities I’ve spent most of my life in other than the one year that I lived in Thunder Bay which was back in 92/93.



How did u get into making music?


I’d wanted to make music from the time I started writing lyrics at 9 years old. Around 10th grade I had a manager by the name of GAB, he took me around to meet different producers, it was through him that I met my mentor Tekniq, that was when things really took off.



When did u start recording?


A local producer named James Stang discovered me at a battle in Ajax where I came in second place to Nigel of the Pocket Dwellers. He approached me and asked if I wanted to come thru to his studio to record some joints. That was back in like, 95/96 I believe. Those were my first studio recordings but we’d been doing 4-track demos at Fear’s crib before then.



How did Rebirth happen?


Originally we were working on a Pillosnatchaz LP at the end of 97. One day we were at Tekniq’s crib working on beats for it and that’s when Fear and Who Else brought up the idea of everyone else in the crew adding songs to it and making it a full crew compilation. I was hesitant at first because of the logistics of making an 11 crew member LP come together but in the end I saw the vision and we made it happen.



Why only cdr?


We actually never sold any CDs, the only cats who had em were members of the BSA. There wasn’t enough room to fit the whole album on a CD so we did up cassettes instead. If you have a maxell tape copy from back in the day with my handwriting on it, that’s an official OG joint right there.



We’re you pushing demos for a full release back then?


Not actively no, we were approached by a couple labels back then but things didn’t pan out. Timing is everything, as they say!!!

Bomb Shelta Association – Rebirth [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 Intro/Shylow – The Rebirth
    A2 Pillosnatchaz – Neva Rest
    A3 Silent – Silent Pro-File
    A4 Pillosnatchaz – 3D Emcees ft. Tyranny

    B1 Expertise The Pro – Myth
    B2 Fear – Eye Kill Suckerzz
    B3 Protocol – Unorthodox
    B4 Shylow – S.T.O.M.P.
    B5 Fear – The Unholy ft Shylow


    Intro & A4 Produced by DJ Who Else? & Shylow.
    A1, B2 & B5 Produced by FEAR.
    A2, A3, B1, B3 & B4 produced by DJ Who Else?
    B2 Co-produced by TekniQ.
    B3 Co-produced by Tekniq & FEAR.
    Executive Audio Engineer: Chris Anderson
    Audio Engineer: Tekniq
    All tracks recorded and mastered at Definitive Sound
    All cuts performed by Shylow
    Album overseen by Tekniq



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