Oh shiiit – so we’re back with the rest of the Bomb Shelta Association joints from their super rare 1998 cdr-only release. Included are most of the remaining tracks that weren’t on Volume 1 of this project. If you don’t know, Bomb Shelta were a Canadian crew of MC’s , DJ’s & producers, formed in 1995 by Shylow, Fear and former member DJ Sinn. This whole project should’ve seen a proper release back in the day and no doubt would’ve been regarded as a classic indie joint. Fortunately Shylow allowed us to do a deal to make it available for the headz!! Big Up!!!

Bomb Shelta Association – Rebirth LP Vol 2 [VINYL]

  • Tracks:

    A1 Tekniq – Redrum
    A2 Tyranny – Jokes On You
    A3 Melicious D-Emperor – Fuck ‘Em All
    A4 Shylow – More Than Life

    B1 Pillosnatchaz – Lost Artic
    B2 Pillosnatchaz – Reflections
    B3 Bomb Shelta – Seven Deadly Ciphers
    B4 Gynx – Outro


    A1 produced by Tekniq. A2, A4, B1, B3 & B4 produced by DJ Who Else?
    A3 produced by Melicious D-Emperor. B2 produced by Shylow.
    Tracks A2, A3, A4 and B1 Co-Produced by Tekniq
    Executive Audio Engineer: Chris Anderson
    Audio Engineer: Tekniq
    All tracks recorded and mastered at Definitive Sound

    All cuts performed by Shylow except tracks B3 and B4 performed by DJ GYNX
    Album overseen by Tekniq