“Big Boom Bap was formed in late 2013 and right off the bat EMcee G Roc Gayle (Toronto, Canada, Crate Bugz, Piece Of Mind) and VersOne (Producer, Germany) meshed. DJ Fresh (DJ, Paris France, Toronto, Canada) and also apart of the Diggin/Deejay crew the Crate Bugz was brought into the loop by EMcee G Roc Gayle. All three members are passionate Hiphoppas, Advocate?s of the Boom Bap sound and ready to leave their mark on our Hip Hop Kulture by demonstrating the essences of ill rhymes, flows, solid beats, sampling and Turntablism.


The title of the EP Dope I Mean was taken from Dopamine and we coined the saying Dope I Mean is the Hip Hop Transmitter that will help reward you with the pleasure of quality Hip Hop music and Kulture. For the ones that are already in tuned, you know the drill, and for the ones that don’t no, come and experience Boom Bap Hip Hop in it’s purest and rawest form. Featured guest on this project is Soundsci Emcees (U George, Audessey and Oxgyen) and production team from France DJ Suspect & DocTmk.”

Big Boom Bap – Dope I Mean EP [VINYL]

SKU: FH0005
  • Tracks:

    A1 Dope I Mean
    A2 94 Style
    A3 Hit Em Hard
    A4 Aim High feat. Soundsci

    B1 Find Your Gift
    B2 Cold Days
    B3 Dope I Mean (VersOne Remix)
    B4 94 Style (DJ Suspect & Doc TMK Remix)

    Lyrics written & performed by G. Gayle also A4 Audessey, Oxygen and U George. Scratches laid down and recorded by DJ Fresh except for B4, by DJ Suspect. Recorded and mixed by Prolific ?William? Ride-out (Toronto,Canada) except B4 Blanka (France). Mastered by Greg Mindorff @ Suite Sound Labs (Vancouver, Canada). All Tracks Produced by VersOne except B4 Produced by DJ Suspect & DocTMK.