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Cats are always hittin me up saying "When will you drop another Stranger Danger production" and today is that day yo!


Recorded in 2016 and only released on digital at the time, this incredible concept album drags the listener through the crack-littered gutters of skid row, referencing every [non-legal] buzz under the sun. The breaks are typical of that Left Coast, Stranger Danger sound: jazzy horns, funky-b-lines, loads of film samples and drums baby, lots of drums. MC's Amxone the Crooked Tooth Bastard (aka Al Cohol) and Vice the Antihero (aka D.Rugs) are your loyal narrators and drunk drivers for the duration of this psychedelic hip hop trip. I'm reminded of Cypress Hill mixed with The Furry Freak Brothers and a smidgen of Cheech & Chong. Effin love this ish!!!!







Al Cohol & D.Rugs - Test Tube Junkies LP (CD)

  • Tracks:

    1 Where U At
    2 Dont Give a Fuck
    3 Killabrew
    4 Did It Again
    5 Fear & Loathing In Los Angeles
    6 Bag 2 Bag
    7 I am What I am ft Drunkie Brewster aka Stranger Danger
    8 Cruisin for a Boozin
    9 All that Crack ft Junkhead Professor aka Johnny Problemz
    10 Afterparty
    11 Overdoseded ft Drunkie Brewster aka Stranger Danger & Boozy Fatstacks aka Louie Syntax
    12 Emergency Drug Broadcast
    13 Crazy as Shit ft Tony Bongloadee aka Hacksaw Raw

    All tracks produced by Stranger Danger



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